Stem cell therapy is the utilization of one’s own stem cells for the treatment or prevention of various physical conditions including injury, disease and immune system disorders. With the advancements in stem cell therapy over the recent years we are seeing possibilities for healing and correcting conditions in the body that were previously not thought possible with traditional medicine.

Stem cell therapy basically involves introducing fresh, undamaged cells, to the damaged or affected tissue that needs to be treated.  As stem cells are introduced to the problem area they have the potential to grow into healthy cells and alleviate the condition.  It is possible for stem cell therapy to help heal the body without the body rejecting treatment as the cells being used are that of the patient being treated.Here are 4 benefits of stem cell therapy that you should know:

Minimal Chances of Rejection of Cells

As the stem cells are sourced from your body, the chances of rejection are very low unlike other procedures that introduce foreign elements that are more likely to be rejected. This drastically increases the chances of the treatment being successful.

Regenerative Ability of Stem Cells

Once stem cells are introduced into the damaged tissue, the restorative work begins. Stem cells have the amazing ability to multiply, generating more healthy cells that can further aid in the healing process.

Healing for Various Problems

At Norcal Stem Cell, we use stem cell therapy to treat various ailments and diseases such as orthopedic problems, wound care, chronic spine pain, autoimmune disease, cardiac diseases, neurological diseases and pulmonary disease. This gives us the scope to work with a variety of conditions with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained professionals with years of experience in this field.

Increases the Age of Organs and Increases Life Expectancy

As stem cells have regenerative abilities and generate new, functioning cells that replace the damaged ones, they could possibly prolong the life of the organs they have been treating as the organs function optimally. As the organs begin to function at their optimal levels, the overall health of your body improves and thereby increases your life expectancy as well.

As we continue to research stem cell therapy, we learn more and derive more benefits from the use of stem cell therapy. These are some of the many other benefits that stem cell therapy has to offer. As a provider of stem cell therapy in California, we believe that we are on the brink of medical breakthrough for the advancement of humankind.